Jamboree Competitive Add-On in addition to selected shoot package

See how you stack up against others in the state by registering for the competitive classes!

If shooting competitive - Please specify which class you will be entering during the preregistration purchase. This can be accomplished on the shopping cart page by clicking "add note to seller".  

A new class has been added for Freestyle Hunter!

PLEASE NOTE: You must add a selected Jamboree package to your cart in addition to the competitive fees to be registered for competition!!!!! ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES ON JUNE 30TH....

Welcome to our official online registration

Don't forget! If you are not a member of Idaho State Bowhunters you must purchase your membership along with your competitive registration. Select the appropriate line on the drill down for signing up for competive classes. We look forward to seeing you at the Jamboree! Online registration is open until July 15th 2012.